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Our certified air duct cleaning system sends a patented, rotating brush down each individual duct, scrubbing all the walls of your ductwork. All dust, debris, and allergens recovered are sucked out of your vents and away from your furnace by our powerful truck-mounted, dust-free extraction system.

If you notice any dirt or spots we missed, we will come back – no trip charge.

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Create a healthier environment for your
home & office



Improve air quality


Reduce allergy symptoms


Increase system efficiency




Our air-duct cleaning professionals can clean your vents effectively & safely, leaving you with improved indoor air quality


900+ Customer Reviews!

I am so very Grateful for Curtis. He cleaned my disgusting vents and saved my house from burning down. He showed me all the plugged dirt in the dryer vent and fixed the vent where it had come apart. He found unusual items in my furnace vents and showed me how to better keep things safe. He worked so hard for the price he charged me. I wanted to give him a huge tip, but I do not have much money. I want him to know how very grateful I am. Thanks Curtis!!!



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